Meet the Creeps

Our creepy family visits us every year during the month of October. To say it gets a bit wild at the manor is an understatement.

hal15Creepy cousins Robin, Maurice and Barry visit us every year and they bring a ton of luggage with them. They are good at making themselves right at home, often keeping us up all hours playing disco music and watching television.



hal22This is cousin Andy, he has a striking resemblance to cousin Maurice






hal05Creepy Uncle Albert arrived today. His bus broke down in Bakersfield and he hitched the rest of the way. It took a special kind of driver to pick this creep up.



hal10Meet our new house guest Marvin. We really don’t know the story on this guy just yet….but he fits right in with the rest of the creepy family.






cropped-hal01-1-e1476412225559.jpgThis is Uncle Albert’s cat Grumps. He is just thrilled to be here.



hal07Our eccentric Aunts, Endora, Hagatha and Clara showed up. They promised to behave themselves and not turn our passerbys into toads.






hal13This is Uncle Merle’s pet dragon spot, he has found a comfy spot under the porch. Uncle Merle should arrive soon.







hal18Cousin Lenny is taking time off his comic tour to come spend some time with us. He is a bit on the short side when it comes to a creep but he tells the best jokes.

What do they teach in witching school? Spelling of course

More of cousin Lenny’s jokes can be found here


11254083_926016620825755_8613189254332789119_nThe Pumpkin King oversees everything that goes on at the manor, especially what is growing in the garden.