The Projects

The Manor is never short on projects. We try to tackle as many of them as we can ourselves and oh what fun we have.

The Front Yard

This has been a huge project for us. Turning our front yard into our personal grocery store made perfect sense. The bonus… uses less water than a lawn. We did 100% of this project and have the muscles to prove it.

The Kitchen

The kitchen was a bit outdated and not really our style. This remodel has happened in phases and has included painting and adding additional cabinets, replacing the floor, installing new counters and tile, an island upgrade and a new range hood. Not to mention new appliances. We spend a ton of time in our kitchen and need lots of counter space so the center island/table conversion was a must for us. It has been one of the best things we have done. We did everything for this project except the counter install.

Upstairs Bathroom

This bathroom remodel was a must. Water damaged walls and a leak caused us to take this one all the way down to the studs. We went with plaster walls and wood flooring to keep with the age of the house. We designed and did all the custom wainscoting for this project. The hardest part…..getting that heavy claw foot tub in and out.

The Shed

The new shed is coming along. Still a 10×10 but we made it just a bit taller. Now we can find what we need, without having to climb over everything.  We created separate areas. One for tools and one for yard/garden tools and supplies.We are even building custom doors for this fun project 🙂

House Repairs

There is never “nothing to do” when it comes to the old lady. From painting, repairing trim, installing gutters, fixing electrical, sanding & staining doors to fixing her sagging parts…..we are always up to something here. A 100+ year old home requires a bit of extra TLC and you have to love this type of work….otherwise you buy a new tract home.

The old carriage house had completely collapsed and was leaning. One good snow storm and it would have been gone. We did manage to save the old wood, which will get reused for a future project 🙂


Watch for our new shed project, driveway project, porch project and bathroom/laundry room remodel.  We will also be finishing up our front wall and hopefully will begin the front fence project. So much to do….so little time to do it 🙂