Turn on the Lights


It is scary to think what is behind these walls. Since the Manor was built before modern lighting, it is safe to assume that no electrical was run when the house was built.  Which explains so much in our quest for bringing the old lady up to par.

Tomas Edison was just introducing the light bulb when the Manor was built and even though Grass Valley & Nevada City were early adopters of electricity, it was still years off before average home owners could afford it. At some point modern electrical was added, we just wonder in what era and by who? We have found a little of everything in these walls.

There are still a few working push button switches in the house, which we work hard to preserve.  I have to say though…..they get pushed cautiously. Something about seeing that spark is just a bit scary 🙂

At the time electrical was added, the options were less than what we have today.  This caused people to do things the only way they could, which are definitely not to the standards of today. As we open up walls and remodel rooms we also fix things like the electrical. It takes the very easy paint job to another level.

repair6   repair7

Now electrical isn’t for the average home DIY person, although the replacement of an outlet or switch is relatively easy these days. There are a variety of options to fit your needs but if not done properly it can cause major issues. Like burn your house down or worse…..it can kill you. It is always best to have someone on hand skilled in the art of electricity when tackling large projects like this. Don’t cut corners when it comes to electrical!